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Meet Overwatch team Controlling Chaos Sigma! Featured

Written by Pippsy
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Our very first Overwatch Scrim team is a fact!

The world needs more heroes...

Six friends who wanted to play Overwatch the way they think it was meant to be, shared their ideas and thoughts with each other. After a short deliberation time about the roles and goals of the team, team Controlling Chaos Sigma was born. 
With Glitch (who has lots of experience in all Overwatch ranks) as their coach, the team has set foot in the world of Competitive Overwatch. Weekly practice, tactic work-outs and team-building makes our team strong! The weekly practice differs every week to keep the team updated on the latest nerfs and buffs, maps and the ever changing hero pool.

Controlling Chaos team Sigma is ready to do their placements and play their scrims, and from there on we will climb. We won't stop... This is team Controlling Chaos Sigma!

Meet our new team Controlling Chaos Sigma composition: 

Our tanks Chocolate and Chucknorris are making way through the maps, insuring map control and take care of anyone who is in their way.

As our supports we have Fubar and Pippsy to keep the team alive and kicking so they can do their jobs!

Meanwhile our DPS's DeStrooier and Glitch finish off the teams and punnish those who come to close.


We will keep you posted about the team and their training!


Are you interested to be a part of one of our scrim teams? Or would you like to talk about our possibilities? Please contact us. In our contact page you can find ways to contact us and other contact information!



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