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The Controlling Chaos Community Featured

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Controlling Chaos, Chaos was born.

Controlling Chaos was founded in 2012 by Glitch. After being a part of different gaming communities, Glitch started to invent, create and develop Controlling Chaos.
World of Warcraft was the first official game where Controlling Chaos had her guild en started to build her community. Glitch transferred his passion and idea's to his friends who wanted to help shape and develop Controlling Chaos and spread the Chaos!

Now, what is Controlling Chaos?
Controlling Chaos is a multi-national gaming community involved in a variety of games, who strive to maintain a non-toxic, honest, loyal environment for casual and hardcore gamers.

We want every gamer to feel at home in our community. Whether you are a pro-gamer or a casual gamer. Whether you have been gaming for years or just started. Controlling Chaos is a social community where everyone is welcome. 
One of our core believes is that toxicity is out of order. We strive for a non-toxic community and believe that we can help each other to develop everyone's individual goals. 

Controlling Chaos is active in several games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Destiny 2, we devide our gaming groups into regiments. Every game on it's own is a regiment, with people responsible for that regiment, called Regiment Leaders and Regiment Officers. 

-Oh ok but i want to play a different game?
No worries! Controlling Chaos wants to expend her horizon and all games are welcome. We offer several options for adding new games to our community. Would you like to discuss the options and possibilities? Please contact us!

Would you like to join Controlling Chaos? Make sure you register to the website or contact us through our contact page. On that page you can find all the contact information you need.

Join the socialness!

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