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This is a manual in how to use the stream overlays, provided by the community!
For streaming we use OBS. You can download OBS right here: obsproject.com/download

Once installed, run the program.

Click on the "+" below "Scenes":

Type in the name of the game you want to be streaming.

After you have created the scene, click on the "+" below "Sources".

Choose the option "Game Capture":

Leave the title as is, and click OK

A new pop up will apear. Leave the settings as is and click OK

After that, click on the "+" below "Sources" again

Choose the option "Video Capture Device"

For title, type in: "Webcam" and click OK

A new pop up will appear. Leave the settings as is and click OK

Click on the "+" below "Sources" again and choose the option Image

For the title, type in "Webcam Overlay"

A pop up will appear, click on "Browse"

Navigate to you file called: cc_stream_cam_#NICKNAME#.png and click "Open"

Click OK

Now the webcam and the webcam overlay appear in the stream window. Drag the webcam overlay to the desired spot.

Now drag the webcam to the same spot as the overlay, use the corner to scale the webcam to the size ov the little screen fo the overlay.

Next, click on the "+" below "Sources", choose the option "Image"

For title, type in "Overlay" and click OK

Click Browse

Navigate to the file: cc_stream_overlay_#GAMENAME#.png and click "Open"

Now your streaming scene is done.

Next, Click on the "+" below "Scenes", for the scene name, type "Be Right Back"

Navigate to the stream art: cc_stream_art_cutscene_BACK-IN_#NICKNAME#.png and click "Open"

Click OK

Do the same for Live In.

Now, we need to add the social media information:
Select the scene of your game, and use the "+" below "Sources" to add text to your stream. Choose the option "Text (FreeType 2)"

For the title of the source, type in the kind of social media you want, in our case: Facebook

In the "Text" area, type in the adress of your social media.

The official color of Controlling Chaos is: #4C57DB, so we select this color to blend in the text with the overlay.
Click on Select Color.

In the textbox "HTML:" you can type the code for our color: #4c57db

Click OK

Drag the text to the belonging icon.

This is it, you are ready to stream with the Controlling Chaos tags!

If you would also like to recieve the stream overlays customized to your name, leave a reply below!

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