Overwatch regiment

Since closed beta, Controlling Chaos has been active in Overwatch. Some players started grouping up and playing competitive together, some made it to the highest levels.

We saw the potential in the way we build our teams and from there on our training to gain the synergy and the match, an Overwatch competitive team so desperately needs. This of course within the community's vision, non-toxic gaming.

Want to join the Overwatch regiment and find like-minded players, within your SR to climb the ladders, join now!

Feeling more competitive? Why not join one of our teams, or start one yourself! This all with the help with our experienced staff and coaches! Fill in the form below!

Meet the teams!

Team Sigma

Team Controlling Chaos Sigma is our first overwatch team, started from a group of friends climbing the ladders, the team turned into a highly competitive scrimteam. The team is working hard to achieve their goals and training new additions to the team.
Controlling Chaos Sigma

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