Controlling Chaos on The Maelstrom (EU-Horde)

Our guild on The Maelstrom is where it all started. From raiding to competitive PvP, we’ve been there. Our goal, as the vision of the community, is to create a non-toxic environment for everyone to join. Without losing our competitive edge.

The guild is lead by Pippsy, she is the guildmaster. On her side  are Powerpaultje, Pimiko and Leucippe as her main officers.

Join the fun now, play together, like it was meant to be played! Apply for the guild now, either by filling in the form below or whisper: Pippsy, Powerpaultje, Mindlaserz or Leucippe ingame.


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To apply for our guild, simply fill in the form below, make sure to choose World of Warcraft as the regiment option.

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